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Our Academic Purpose

We work with the home, church, and community in the rearing of wise, respectable young Christians to produce Godly leaders who have a solid education and a steadfast commitment to Christ.

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All children are loved and cared for in a positive learning environment that promotes exploration and interaction. Social skills, cognitive reasoning, physical and emotional development, creative processes, and spiritual growth are all critical components of our curriculum. We use the Abeka Curriculum in elementary classes. Academic material is taught from a Christian worldview while teachers seek to nurture and protect the heart and mind of each student.

We strive to provide children with:

  • An environment of love, encouragement, and acceptance
  • Experiences that welcome imagination and creativity
  • Exposure to various reading materials: fiction, nonfiction, and poetry
  • Activities that stir enthusiasm through the use of varied mediums (paint, Play-Doh, movement, drama, music, etc.)
  • Opportunities to foster cooperative play and respect for individual learning styles
  • Tools for mathematical thinking
  • A personal sense of God’s love and perfect plan for their lives


Our curriculum teaches students how to study and prepare for challenges that they will face in college and beyond. We use Abeka Curriculum to develop not only a foundation of knowledge, but also the ability to think analytically, critically, and spiritually.

Honors, AP Classes, Dual-Enrollment Classes
We prepare students for college-level learning and the opportunity to take dual-enrollment classes offered by several reputable universities and colleges. Courses taken in the dual-enrollment program carry the same weight as an honors classes toward the student's GPA.

Because we recognize the role of technology in future careers for our students, we offer instruction in Microsoft and Google applications.

Bible & Chapel
Bible classes are a part of each day at Victory. On Thursdays, we worship together in a chapel service led by Victory Baptist's pastoral staff as well as guest preachers from local churches.

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We are currently accepting applications for students K-4 through 12th grade.

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